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Hi my name is Maroulla...

As a child I always found myself helping those who struggled in the classroom. I was always innately aware of the children who far too often, went under the teacher’s radar or were labelled as the naughty child.


I have always felt that when children struggle with the curriculum, they develop strategies and display behaviours which are functional though not always appropriate. These coping mechanisms and avoidance behaviours are often signs of a struggling child.


It was therefore, for me, a very natural progression into Speech Pathology. Through my work with these children, I assist parents and teachers to identify the child’s struggles and support them to achieve their full potential.


I find my work immensely rewarding and seeing a child’s confidence increase as their communication improves is an amazing feeling.


I began Talking Turtles Speech Pathology with a vision to provide children with the ability to communicate with their environment as I know that improved communication results in increased confidence.      


Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist

Member of Speech Pathology Australia


Maroulla has worked with school aged children, preschool children and adults.

She has worked across the three Victorian school systems administering assessments, writing funding applications and providing individual and group therapy.  


Maroulla has experience working in the areas of speech, language, literacy, fluency and social skills. 

Maroulla is Hanen qualified for the It Takes Two to Talk, the More Than Words and the Talkability Parent Training Programs.

Building Confidence
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