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Services Price List


These prices are a guide and are subject to change.

All assessments include verbal feedback to parents or teachers. 


Please contact Talking Turtles Speech Pathology for an individualised quote.

Please note schools and organisations are charged additional GST.

Medicare and Private Health Insurance rebates are available for some services.


                                                                          With report    Without report

Language assessment (CELF, TOLD, TOAL)            $500                 $250

Language & Phonological awareness                         $550                 $275

Language assessment & pragmatics profile             $550                 $275

Language assessment & classroom obs                    $550                 $275


Articulation (speech) assessment                           $150                  $140

Articulation & Phonological awareness                    $200                 $190


Fluency assessment                                                $150                  $140


Pragmatics profile                                                  $90                   $60

Pragmatic language assessment (7yrs+)                  $450                 $225

Classroom Observations (1hr)                                 $300                 $250


Phonological Awareness (literacy/pre literacy)       $90                   $60

** Please note a 20% deposite is required for assessment bookings

Individual Therapy Sessions


Initial Therapy Session                                                $180

30 minute Therapy Session                                          $90

45 minute Therapy Session                                          $135

60 minute Therapy Session                                          $170


45 minute Hanen Parent Training Session                    $135


Therapy sessions can be completed at the clinic, within the home or at the school or kindergarten where arrangements have been made. 



School Locum Services


Locum full day                                                                     $550 inc GST

Locum 1/2 day                                                                     $275 inc GST


Please note a minimum of 5 locum 1/2 days a Term may be booked.

Conditions on available services apply.

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